You can turn to Mouw Maalderij for the comprehensive handling and processing of your spices or herbs. We take care of all operations at our production facility in Harderwijk, ranging from cleaning and heat-treating to granulating, milling, blending and sieving. All of this entirely according to your wishes, prevailing quality standards and in keeping with governmental requirements.

Specialisation & innovation

We mainly focus on spices such as pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon, chilli pepper, cardamom, mace and ginger. In terms of herbs, we work a lot with coriander and oregano. We can flexibly integrate other (biological) products into our production process to suit your requirements. We like thinking carefully with our customers about possibilities to enhance their product by means of additional processing. This can include the development of formulas, configurations and colour compositions.

Durable & flexible

An outstanding product requires optimal treatment. Mouw Maalderij distinguishes itself by retrieving a relatively high amount of value from products through its self-developed machines, short lines of communication and flexible approach. All of this results in reduced loss of product quality and less downtime. Our machine lines are so flexibly deployable that various processing steps can be either carried out separately or in combination.

Packaging & transport

Finally, we are happy to relieve you from any worries by providing customised packaging of processed products as well as multiple transport facilities using our own resources. We are also capable of re-packaging both voluminous and small batches into another format at our location and on our processing lines.

Why Mouw Maalderij?

  • craftmanship

    feeling, seeing and smelling
  • flexible capacity

    anything for the customer
  • certified

    responsible and safe

Our core business


Using advanced technology, we remove residual materials such as stone, wood and metal from the product.


On our heat treatment line, we realise the required low microbiological values in order to increase the quality of the food.

Granulating & grinding

Deploying multiple processing lines and our mills, we can break, select and standardise any spice or herb at the required format.


According to customer requirements, we refine ground product into powder using our sieve line.


Based on multiple batches, we create a structurally homogeneous product in terms of taste, colour and coarseness.


We can combine several products for formulas.

Interested in our services?

We are happy to help you with customized service. Please contact us for more information.