Food safety and quality are key to Mouw Maalderij. These are assured in all possible ways, ranging from purchase to production and from logistics to quality control. We have SKAL certification, which means we are authorised to process and store organic products. We are also certified in accordance with the International Featured Standards (IFS Food), including Halal and Kosher.

Certification and policy

We make every possible effort to assure the quality and food safety of your product:

  • IFS Food

    Our processes are certified every year in keeping with the International Featured Standard (IFS Food), acknowledged by the Global Food Safety Initiative.
  • Food Fraud

    We can guarantee that we responsibly handle all products delivered and to be processed. These products are totally traceable throughout the process.
  • Skal

    We are also certified to process biological products; as such, we clean our production lines beforehand according to strict protocols.
  • Halal and Kosher

    Our products are processed in accordance with Islamic and Jewish dietary laws.
  • Allergens policy

    We are intent on completely ruling out any cross-contamination with allergens during the processes. We therefore avoid processing allergens at our location.

Inspection & sampling

Mouw Maalderij operates in a transparent manner. For example, we have samples investigated and analysed in a laboratory at the request of customers. We consistently make use of a laboratory that has been approved by the Dutch Accreditation Council and that performs microbiological analyses under accreditation in abidance with NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17025.

Process assurance & traceability

Throughout all stages of the processing of our spices and herbs, Mouw Maalderij ensures optimal process assurance and traceability. Our Track & Trace system registers all relevant data about reception, processing and distribution. Thus, we are able to trace product batches and the used raw material batches and packaging at a surprisingly fast speed. We have laid down procedures for product safety and established management measures; these are based on critical points and are frequently validated.

Safe & responsible

In addition to food safety, a safe working environment is essential. We operate in accordance with governmental QSHE requirements and we keep our employees updated on safe working methods. Furthermore, we are constantly seeking to unburden our employees by making appropriate resources available.

Questions about quality management?

If you have any questions about Mouw Maalderij’s quality management, please contact our Quality department at

You can download our certificates by clicking on the logos at the bottom right of this page.